Nurse Aide Training Programs in Rhode Island

Selecting a nursing assistant training program should not be a very difficult task. The most important requirement is state-approval. What exactly is meant by the terms state-approved curriculum? Each nurse aide training program offered in Rhode Island must have a predetermined number of instructional hours, and must adhere to certain approved standards required by the Rhode Island Health Department. A CNA training course must operate under the guidance of a program coordinator who is responsible for managing the classroom and practical curriculum.

The role of a CNA program coordinator is usually assigned to a registered nurse who has the knowledge and experience of teaching and caring for clients in long-term care facilities. A nurse aide course may also provide its students with qualified instructors not only from the nursing field but from other health-related occupations. Instructors must have teaching experience along with supervising skills and may include dietitians, pharmacists, as well as physical and respiratory therapists. The annual wage earned by a certified nursing assistant in Providence, Rhode Island is approximately $28,000.

Nurse Aide Classes in Rhode Island

Rhode Island Nursing Assistant Training and Competency Evaluation Program Providers
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Nursing Assistant Training Classes in Rhode Island

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Cranston Alternate Education Program is offering low cost nursing assistant training courses to individuals who meet the program's admission criteria. Nurse aide students are not responsible for the costs associated with tuition, and must only cover other expenses such as books, uniform and shoes, and the certification fee. The cost of completing this program is only a couple hundred dollars. The nursing assistant training course is approved by the state of Rhode Island, and it requires eighty hours of theoretical instruction and twenty hours of clinical experiences.

A high school diploma is not required but interested candidates must meet specific academic requirements to be accepted into the program. Applicants must have the reading and math abilities required of a freshman high school student (9th grade). Nursing assistant classes last three months, and are typically offered once per year, beginning in October and ending in February. Successfully completing the nurse aide training course yields graduates a certificate of completion from the Cranston Alternate Education Programs. Nurse aide program graduates are eligible to sit for the Rhode Island CNA exam and obtain state certification. Certified nursing assistants can find employment in a variety of settings, including hospitals, long term care facilities, home health agencies, or outreach laboratories.

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Hailee S.on September 10, 2014 at 01:10 PM
I am really interested in becoming a certified nursing assistant. I am in the military and we go out to sea continuously. I do not have too much time to actually attend a program until next year. Who offers online CNA classes?

Admin on September 10, 2014 at 02:37 PM
Certified nursing assistant courses have both classroom and clinical instruction components. While you might be able to complete the theoretical component through an online course, the hands-on clinical training must be conducted at a facility such as a nursing home or hospital. Even if you find a program which offers online courses for the theoretical portion of the class, you still have to be present for on-site clinical training in order to complete the course. Even though you might have to wait a year until you are able to enroll and complete a nursing assistant training class, you still have the opportunity to decide on a particular school in the state where you are stationed in next. If you want to go further, contact the school and ask which textbook they use for their CNA classes. Purchasing the book and studying when you have time will prepare you for the class as well as for the state exam. Good luck!

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CNA Training Requirements

There is a wide disparity between CNA training requirements among the states. The difference lies in the mandatory number of total training hours necessary to complete state-approved CNA classes.

While according to federal law each nursing assistant course should contain a minimum of seventy-five (75) instruction and clinical hours, individual states have the liberty to mandate extra training requirements for certified nursing assistants. The majority of states exceed the threshold federal minimum requirements for nurse aide training programs because they are considered insufficient to result in an optimal and safe level of care for clients.

A review of nationwide state requirements for nurse assistant courses has found that the following states have mandated highest number of CNA program hours: Maine with a minimum of 90 hours of theory, 20 hours of laboratory skills and 70 hours of clinical instruction for a total of 180 hours; California with one hundred and sixty (160) training hours; Delaware and Oregon each requiring one hundred and fifty (150) hours; followed by the state of Alaska with one hundred and forty (140) hours; Virginia, Arizona, and West Virginia have a minimum of one hundred and twenty (120) training hours for state-approved classes.

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