Maine Nurse Aide Registry

Maine Nurse Aide Registry
Maine Department of Human Services - Division of Licensing and Regulatory Services
State House Station #11, 442 Civic Center Drive, Augusta, ME 04330
CNA Registry Phone: (207) 287-9310
Division of Licensing and Certification Phone: (800) 791-4080 or (207) 287-9300

Why does federal law mandate that every state must have a CNA Registry? Each state must maintain a nurse aide registry in order to regulate and oversee the training and qualification credentials of certified nursing assistants. The Maine Nurse Aide Registry performs several important functions including: respond to questions from the public, health care agencies, and certified nurse aides; protect the public by maintaining the abuse registry; providing information for nurse assistants regarding employment, rules and regulations, and eligibility issues. To be listed on the Maine Nurse Aide Registry, you need to complete a Maine-approved CNA training program and pass the state examination for nurse assistants. As of January 2010, all state approved nursing assistant courses in Maine must provide at least 180 hours of training. The CNA Registry is maintained by the Division of Licensing and Regulatory Services and contains a list of active CNAs who are qualified to work in Maine, and a list of inactive CNAs who do not qualify for employment as a CNA in Maine at this time. The Registry also contains the following annotations: criminal convictions as required by law, and documented findings by the state survey agency of substantiated complaints of abuse, neglect, or misappropriation of property of a patient, client or resident. Prior to hiring, licensed nursing homes and other health care facilities in Maine use the nursing assistant registry to verify if an individual is qualified for employment as a certified nurse aide. The first time you are listed, you may have to submit a renewal form in less than 24 months, depending on your birth date. After that, you must submit a renewal form on or before your birth date every 24 months. Failure to submit a renewal form shall result in immediate removal from active status on the Registry which means that you may not work as a CNA until you are reinstated by submitting a completed renewal form.

CNA Registries in the United States

Select an area from the map below to find addresses and phone numbers for Nurse Aide Registries in all 50 states plus the District of Columbia as well as links to online nursing assistant registries if available.

Nursing Assistant Registries

The Official CNA Skills List is a list of specific tasks that CNAs are allowed to perform under the supervision of a registered professional nurse once the CNA has demonstrated an ability to successfully perform the task. Before the CNA demonstrates this ability, the CNA may not perform the task. If a task is not on the official CNA skills list, the CNA may never perform that task. The official CNA skills list was developed and is updated by the Maine State Board of Nursing and the skills list is Appendix B of the Prescribed Curriculum Of Nursing Assistant Training Programs.

There are federal requirements that apply to CNAs working in a nursing facility. An individual who is employed by, or who has received an offer of employment from, a nursing facility on or before the date the individual begins a CNA training program or competency evaluation, may not be charged for any portion of the program including any fees for textbooks or other required course materials. A CNA who becomes employed by, or receives an offer of employment from, a nursing facility not later than 12 months after satisfactory completion of a CNA training program or competency evaluation, may be eligible for reimbursement by the nursing facility for costs incurred for the training program or competency evaluation. For more information, speak to your employer. Nursing facilities must provide CNAs with no less than twelve (12) hours per year of in-service education. The nursing facility must give the CNA documentation of completed in-service education. Keep this information with your important papers as you will need it when you renew your listing on the Registry.

Questions, Comments, Suggestions

Amanda L. on July 20, 2013 at 07:25 PM
I live in Maine and I have been out of work for a while. Can you tell me where I need to go to recertify my CNA license?

Admin on July 24, 2013 at 08:30 PM
You must recertify if your CNA certification has expired and you wish to return to work as a nurse aide although some states require retraining as well. Federal regulation requires that an individual work at least eight hours, for pay, in the provision of nursing services without a two year break to remain active. Please note that renewal and recertification requirements differ from state to state and may change over time and that some states make a distinction between inactive and expired CNA licenses. Locate the contact information for the CNA registry of your state and contact them for up-to-date and accurate information regarding these requirements.

I have moved from Indiana to Maine and my CNA certification expired in 2007. Do I need to take the Maine certification exam to renew my certification?

Is it possible to enroll in a CNA class without a high school diploma or GED?

How long do CNA classes take and what exactly do you have to do?

After becoming a CNA how much more experience, training or school has to be done to become a registered nurse?

I am in the military and I do not have too much time to actually attend a regular CNA program. Who offers online CNA classes?

CNA Resources

Being a Successful C.N.A

Besides knowledge and proficiency there are many qualities which define a competent CNA. Our list includes the answers of residents, families, and those of experienced nurse aides who have been in the health care field for an extended period of time. Most of the qualities listed below represent the reasons and motivational factors driving new individuals to become certified nurse aides.

A competent CNA shows support for others, as well as patience, compassion and empathy. To become a good nursing assistant one needs to understand the meaning of being a team player. An effective nursing assistant learns to become a good listener who cares about and understands the needs of the residents, has a helping nature and a positive attitude. Both patients and co-workers appreciate a smile, an upbeat personality, as well as someone who takes pride in their work. A nurse aide job requires good organizational skills, patience, good judgment, and effective communication.

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Nurse Aide Registries

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