Can I get certification by reciprocity in North Carolina?

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asked in License by Amy B.
I am an active certified nurse aide in Texas and I am planning to move to North Carolina in the summer. What do I need to do to work as a CNA in this new state?

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answered by Amanda M.

Reciprocity, when used in reference to a Nurse Aide I or a Medication Aide, refers to accepting and adding an aide to the registry of one state, based on the aide's registry listing and requirements met in another state. North Carolina does not accept reciprocity from other states for Nurse Aide I or Medication Aide Registry listing, therefore, individuals certified in another state, who are listed in good standing on that state's registry, may not "transfer" their license to North Carolina. You need to take and pass the CNA exam in North Carolina to obtain certification in this state. Completion of a state-approved Nurse Aide I training program is only required if an individual fails three consecutive competency evaluation attempts.