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One of the most common questions asked by those who have graduated from nurse aide training programs is how difficult it is to pass the CNA state exam. According to feedback received from students who successfully challenged and passed the nurse assistant state examination, the test is not hard as long as you study the concepts and practice the skills. Most students reported that the CNA skills portion of the exam was more difficult than the written part, mainly because there is someone watching your every move as you perform the five required nurse aide skills. To overcome the feelings of anxiety, discomfort, and nervousness when taking the nurse aide skills evaluation, make sure you practice hard so that the steps of a particular skill become like a reflex, with a natural flow.

Study and practice all the nurse aide skills that are included in your state CNA handbook, even the ones you think are easy. Don't forget the basics when performing complicated skills, and always knock on the resident's door, give the client privacy, wash your hands, and wear gloves when necessary. To prepare for the written or oral part of the CNA state test you need to answer multiple questions from various practice tests. Do not memorize the answers but try to understand the rationale behind the correct choice. Finally, try to keep nervousness to a minimum on the exam day. The harder you study prior to taking the test, the more prepared you will feel and the less anxiety you will experience.

Overview of Home Health Care
Find out what home health care is, what are some advantages and disadvantages of home health care, and more. (part 1, part 2, part 3)

Performance Skills Videos for Evaluating Certified Nurse Aide Training
The primary purpose of these videos is to demonstrate the skills that must be observed when evaluating the performance of the manual skill component of the Nurse Aide Competency Examination.

What is a Nurse Aide?
This video focuses on the role and function of nursing assistants within the healthcare system.

Washington State Nurse Aide Candidate Handbook
This page contains specific information about the Washington State nurse aides test including the steps you must follow to apply for and take the exam to become a certified nurse aide.

Using Touch as Nonverbal Communication
Learn how to communicate a message of love and a strong feeling of safety and security for individuals who have diminishing communication skills in order to enhance the quality of life for your clients. (part 1, part 2, part 3)

Client and Family Stress
Everyone entering the healthcare system experiences stress. This video lesson deals with client and family stress. (part 1, part 2, part 3)

Wisconsin Nurse Aide Candidate Handbook
Here you can find information about the Wisconsin nurse aide examination.

Speech and Language Disorders
This presentation deals with speech and language disorders. Find out about various types of speech and language disorders and gain insight on how you as a caregiver can be helpful and supportive. (part 1, part 2)

Psychological Impact of Terminal Illness
This video lesson deals with the psychological impact of working with patients with a terminal illness. (part 1, part 2, part 3)

Assisting at Mealtime
Learn about preparing clients for mealtime, feeding or assisting them and cleaning up afterwards. (part 1, part 2, part 3)

Understanding Human Behavior
Whether you will be working in a hospital, nursing home, an assisted living facility or in a private home you will be working with people and it is important to understand human beings and their needs. This video lesson focuses on understanding human behavior in order to meet the emotional and social needs of your clients. (part 1, part 2, part 3)

Wyoming Nurse Aide Candidate Handbook
This page contains information about the Wyoming nurse aide certification test, licensing and certification.

Basic Workplace Safety
Learn about basic workplace safety including basic fire prevention, back injuries, falls, ergonomics and much more. (part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4)

Online Nursing Assistant Video Lessons ( Page 7 )

A nursing assistant training course gives you the knowledge and skills required for entry-level CNA jobs, but as a nurse aide program graduate you must prove your competency by passing a state exam. The nurse aide test is the final challenge you need to overcome so that you can hold certification in a particular state. Nursing assistants who move from one state to another and wish to transfer their CNA certificate are also required by several states to sit for the nurse aide competency exam. Candidates challenging this test for the first time might experience a certain level of nervousness and anxiety. These feelings are absolutely normal, and usually subside once the test begins.

Some of the most important things you can do to prepare for the CNA exam include: give yourself enough time to prepare for the test after you complete the nursing assistant training; review your notes and take any available practice tests; practice the skills outlined in the candidate handbook; rest well prior to the exam day, and keep a positive attitude. The nurse aide exam is not identical in every state. If you are applying for transfer of your certification from one state to another and have to challenge the CNA exam, make sure you obtain a candidate handbook from the testing agency in the state to which you are endorsing. This will ensure that you study the material you will be tested on, and that you are aware of any differences in skills or procedures required in that particular state.

Questions, Comments, Suggestions

James O. on August 13, 2014 at 02:00 PM
My girlfriend is already a caregiver who has worked at a facility for over two years, is it possible for her to take the test instead of enrolling in a class or must she enroll beforehand? She meets the requirements of a CNA already, and does the job as if she really is, all she wants is to be certified.

Admin on August 14, 2014 at 07:16 AM
I could help you better if you would tell me the state where your girlfriend is trying to obtain CNA certification. Most states require completion of a nurse aide training program prior to challenging the CNA exam, but a few do not. Contact me and let me know your location or call the nurse aide registry for your state.

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Nurse aide students are always looking for tips and ways to get the most out of their study time. There are a few strategies you can follow to ensure complete success in nurse aide classes as well as on the CNA test. On top of our advice list is to always be present for your classes, laboratory, and clinical experiences. Not only should you arrive to all your nurse aide classes on time, but you must do the reading and studying required for each class.

Adequate preparation will lead to success in all your courses as well as on the CNA certification test. Practice the nurse aide skills you are being thought until you become comfortable and familiar with every task you need to perform. Many nurse aide students have found that practicing and studying with another person enrolled in the same nurse aide training program makes a big difference in how easy concepts are grasped and skills conquered.

Ask lots of questions in class and throughout clinical training. Instructors are there to help you understand and master the knowledge and duties of a nurse aide. Job orientation can be a hectic time, and to help yourself you need not only ask questions but also take your own notes. In a small pocket notebook write down everything of importance and reference it later to make sure you assimilate the information at your own pace. Being alert, open to new information, and having a positive attitude are also the keys to success in your new career.

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