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Are there any additional training requirements for nursing assistants planning to work in assisted living facilities, such as CPR, First Aid, etc? Thank you.
Nurse aide programs have different admission requirements depending on the school or facility which provides the training. Some CNA programs teach CPR as part of their curriculum while others require students to possess CPR training prior to enrolling into the course. Check with the school or facility where you plan to attend and find out what their particular policies are. Assisted living facilities also have different requirements so it is best to check with them and find out if they require additional training.

How do I sign up for CNA training? I am having trouble finding the shortest training program in my area. Can you help me?
To sign up for a certified nursing assistant program, you must contact the school and request an enrollment application. Some schools provide applications online, but others do not. You might have to visit the facility to pick up an application. A deposit is usually required to reserve your seat in the class. You must contact each program yourself to ask about the length and cost of their classes and decide which one is best for you. I could help you locate several CNA training classes in your area. Please provide me with state and county information if you need help locating nursing assistant courses close to where you live.

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What is a Nursing Assistant?

A CNA is an entry level, certified healthcare worker. To obtain CNA certification, a nursing assistant trainee must complete a series of courses which teach the student basic skills needed to assist with patient care. A nurse aide is knowledgeable about client safety and transportation, assisting with activities of daily living, communicating with clients and nursing staff, performing basic procedures such as taking vital signs and weighing, and recording intake and output. A certified nursing assistant spends the majority of their working time at the patient's bedside, providing comfort, hygiene, and support.

State approved CNA training programs teach nurse aide trainees how to become competent care givers. The theoretical section of a nursing assistant program is augmented by the clinical portion, by reinforcing and practicing the knowledge gained in the classroom. The length of a nurse aide course depends on the facility providing the training. Some programs may require as little as three weeks to complete, while others may take two to three months. Fast paced courses are not for everyone, and students have the option to enroll in lengthier programs such as those offered by community colleges. A nurse aide trainee who completes the training is eligible to take the CNA exam. Passing this important examination results in certification and listing on the state nurse aide registry.

Employment opportunities for certified nursing assistants are numerous. The skills of a CNA are needed especially in hospitals, long term care facilities, and rehabilitation centers. Other nursing assistant job opportunities exist in the community, such as Home Health Aide. Hospitals may offer educational opportunities and financial incentives to nursing assistants who wish to continue their education and become licensed vocational nurses, or registered nurses.

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