Anybody find it incredibly bizarre transferring ones license to SC?

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asked in License by Eurogirl
It is over 10 years since I got my license but is it possible to do additional nursing assistant related courses at this stage which would bring me up to 100 hours of training? Can inservice hours or certificates of continuing education which awarded contact hours that I received in a hospital job be counted?

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answered by Jennifer Adams
At first glance, the only thing that seems strange is the requirement for documenting the CNA training. This seems hard to do for someone who became a CNA many years ago because most training programs don’t last for a long time and it might be impossible to contact them. The CNA registry might help in this case if they keep a record of everyone’s training as some do.

Other states have similar requirements. For example, one of the requirements for reciprocity to Delaware is that the CNA must have three months of full-time experience as a CNA performing nursing-related services for pay under the supervision of a licensed nurse or physician or have completed a training program equal to at least 150 hours and the form proving this needs to be notarized by the training school administrator.

I inquired about inservice hours, certificates of continuing education which awarded contact hours or additional training and none of them count for the purpose of reciprocity to South Carolina. If you do have the 100 hours of training and meet the clinical requirements but do not have proof of such then you should contact the nurse aide registry of your state because a letter from them can serve as proof of training. You may contact Pearson Vue at 800-475-8290 if you would like to verify the accuracy of this answer.
commented by Eurogirl
Jennifer, thank you for your response. I did as you said and got a letter from home state nurse aide registry verifying my license and approved training, which was 4 hours short of SC's requirements, consequently was not granted the same. I had already been told that it was not the SC board of nursing which dealt with CNA's but they had contracted it to this outside entity Pearson Vue!