How do I recertify my CNA license if I'm no longer employed?

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asked in License by Brittany
I live in WV and I quit my job in May, my license expires in January and I want to recertify.

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answered by Mariah
I assume you want to renew your CNA license not recertify. Re-registration of the nurse aide status on the registry is required every two years and the minimum amount of paid employment as a nurse aide for renewal purposes is eight hours within the previous two year period. If you worked until May, you should have no problem renewing your license.

Completion of the re-registration application is the responsibility of the applicant and not the facility or employer. At least 60 days before your nurse aide’s registration expiration date, the OHFLAC - NAP will send you either an electronic notice or a re-registration application with instructions through the U.S. mail to your last known address.

For employers other than nursing homes such as staffing agencies or in-home care, you must complete the renewal application and have the non-facility based employer verify that you worked at least eight hours performing paid nurse aide duties within the two years since the last renewal. When all requirements are met, the OHFLAC - NAP will send you a letter informing you of renewal for another two years.

You may contact the West Virginia Office of Health Facility Licensure and Certification at 800-442-2888 or at 304-558-0050 if you would like to check the accuracy of this answer.