Can I use the same fingerprints and background check from when I applied the first time?

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asked in Registry by anonymous
I got my certification in Texas. I still have my fingerprints card and background check. Can I submit those? I first took the class in August 2002.

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answered by Martha Brooks
You won’t be allowed to use the fingerprints card and background check from 2002, if that is what you are asking. Your question is a bit unclear and we need more information in order to answer it properly. Is your Texas CNA license expired and you need the background check for the “Request to Retest for Nurse Aides in Expired Status” application? Are you trying to transfer your license to a different state or enroll in a new training program? When did you get the fingerprints card and background check and what do you need them for?

In Texas, nurse aide training and competency evaluation programs are required to check both the employee misconduct registry and the nurse aide registry and to conduct a criminal history background check for all applicants. Applicants found to be listed on the employee misconduct registry, or who are listed on the nurse aide registry in "revoked" status, or who have a criminal history that would bar employment in a facility or agency licensed by the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services are prohibited from enrolling in a nurse aide training program.