How do I find my CNA number and print it off in Kentucky?

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The Kentucky Nurse Aide Registry (KNAR) lists the status of State Registered Nurse Aides and the names of home health aides who, as determined by the Office of the Inspector General of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, have a final finding of abuse.

Although nurse aides in Kentucky are often referred to as certified nurse aides, the correct title for a nurse aide listed on the Kentucky Nurse Aide Registry is State Registered Nurse Aide (SRNA). A SRNA is any person who, for compensation, provides nursing care or health-related services to residents or clients of an employer. A State Registered Nurse Aide is not a licensed health care professional. Instead, the aide has completed an approved training and competency examination program and is listed on the Kentucky Nurse Aide Registry.

All nurse aides listed on the Kentucky Nurse Aide Registry have an SRNA number that consists of eight digits and begins with the number five. Validations of SRNA status may be made using the nurse aide's SRNA number or name. Kentucky Nurse Aide Registry does not issue copies of the registration, however, KNAR will, upon request, send a letter verifying that a person is listed as a SRNA on the registry.

Enter your name on this page and then click on the “Search” button. Select the desired result and click on the “Validate Selected” button. You may print the validation result page which shows your name, city and zip code, SRNA number, status, expiration and original registration date as well as status on the abuse registry.

The Nurse Aide Registry is maintained by the Kentucky Board of Nursing and has two main functions:

  • To maintain a list of qualified nurse aides.
  • To maintain a list of aides who have abused residents in facilities.

The toll-free number for the Kentucky Nurse Aide Registry is 888-530-1919. All long term care facilities must check the registry and abuse status of individuals before hiring them.