How do I find my license number and status in the state of Iowa?

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asked in License by Koung Khya Saengthammavong
It was issued in Iowa City and the date was I think 2007-2008 and I would like to find out if my license is still active.

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answered by Rebecca D.

Here is how to access the Iowa Direct Care Worker Registry to view your current status, print your card and more.

  1. Go to the Iowa Direct Care Worker Registry website.

  2. Click on the "Login" tab, which is the second button from the top of the menu bar in the upper left of your screen.

  3. This will bring up two boxes in the middle of your screen requesting an Account ID and password. If this is your first attempt to log in on the Direct Care Worker Registry do not try to create your own ID and temporary password, they have already been set. The new password sign-on applies only to those individuals who have not yet logged in to the Direct Care Worker Registry.

    Your initial password for access to the Registry is the first five digits of your social security number, followed by an underscore _ the first initial of your first name, and the first initial of your last name. For example, the initial password for Jane Doe, social security number 123-45-6789, would be 12345_JD. The Account ID is the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number, an underscore, and the first initial of your first and last name, in capital letters. It will look like the following: 6789_JD.

    If the message “Invalid User Credentials” appears on your first and second tries, please contact the registry at the number listed below. You may have the same last four digits and initials as another person on the registry and have a different special character in your Account ID and password.

  4. You will be requested to set up security questions and create a new password that only you will know.

  5. Once you log back in with your new password, you will be taken to your own homepage within the database. You can navigate anywhere within your record from here, and you can also print your card from this page as well.

  6. To find out your current status and check to see if your employers have reported your employment click on the Demographics tab, which is the second to the last button on the menu bar. The first section on this page will have editable fields where you can correct personal information and update the system.

    The second section on the page lists the certifications the registry tracks and your status. In order to work in a Long Term Care facility or larger hospitals, your certificate must read active. You can be in No Test or No Employment and work as a CNA in Home Health, Assisted Living Programs, Intermediate and Residential Care facilities, Elder Group Homes, CDAC, etc. on your course completion certificate alone. Your course completion certificate never expires. Only your ability to work in a Long Term Care Facility expires after 24 months of no reported Long Term Care CNA employment.

    The third section lists all the reported employment for your certificate. If there is a gap of more than two years between any LTC employment you have had, you are ineligible to work in Long Term Care facilities until the gap has been filled with additional countable employment or you retake and pass both the written and skills state competency exams.

  7. To print your card, do the following: Turn off the pop-up blocker feature on your internet browser. Click on the tab that says Print DCW Card, which is the last button on the menu bar. A picture of your card will come up and you can print it. If the printer icon does not appear for the window, do Ctrl+P from your keyboard to access the print screen.

The Iowa DCW Registry contact number is 1-515-281-4077.