Where can I find out if I can be recertified as a CNA in the state of Iowa?

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asked in Certification by Donna
I was registered in the state of Iowa in 1997 and I would like to know if I can renew my license.

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answered by Martha Brooks
A CNA with a gap in qualifying employment of more than 24 months will change to ineligible status 24 months after their date of certification or the last date of qualifying employment, whichever occurs first. To become active again, the CNA will need to have any non-reported qualifying employment reported by the employer or they will need to challenge and pass both the written and skills competency examinations. In Iowa, certified nursing assistants are not required to retake the CNA course to challenge the exams. After thirty months of no reported employment, your name is deleted from the Iowa Direct Care Worker Registry. You may contact the registry at 515-281-4077 to verify this information and to get additional information about the exams.