How can I be reinstated if I've worked in the past 2 years but I am out of work when it's time to recertify my license?

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I live in North Carolina.

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You don’t have to be working as a nurse aide at the time of renewal. You have to submit the renewal form on time and make sure that you get your direct RN supervisor or another RN who has access to the employment records to sign it. A new competency test is required if a nurse aide does not perform at least 8 hours of qualified work during any 24-month period. You need to contact the registry at 919-855-3969 if you qualify for renewal but you let your certification expire.

A North Carolina nurse aide may renew through qualified work experience (at least 8 hours) completed during every two years. The qualified work can occur in a nursing home or other health care setting and must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. the work is for pay
  2. the duties are those of a nurse aide
  3. the duties are supervised by a registered nurse
  4. the number of hours worked is at least eight, during the aide's 24 month registry listing period.

North Carolina nurse aides are required to report their employment on a scannable renewal form. The forms are mailed by the registry to eligible nurse aides three months before the listing expiration date. W-2 forms and other methods of reporting are not accepted. The aide and supervisor must complete the form to report the work experience. The signature of an RN is required on the renewal form to verify that RN-supervised nurse aide work was performed by the aide and the dates of the work. Tips and instructions for completing the renewal form are also available.

Upon receipt of the proper qualified work verification, the registry will renew the aide’s listing. The renewal is for 24 months, beginning from the last qualified work date (month) that was reported on the form. Expiration dates are at the end of the month. "Qualified Work Date" is a term used in reference to a Nurse Aide I or a Medication Aide renewal. It means a date on which an aide performed work that meets all of the individual requirements for his or her listing renewal.

Renewal is the aide's responsibility. Report name and address changes promptly. Contact the registry at 919-855-3969 if you do not receive your renewal application on time. You can also download a Request for a Replacement Renewal form to request that a renewal application be sent to you by mail. Nurse aides working in non-nursing home settings are responsible for making sure their work will qualify and that they can have their employment verified and renewal forms signed by a registered nurse (RN) at the appropriate time for renewal.

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