Do I have to take the course again if my license has been expired for more than 2 years?

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asked in License by Clarissa
My CNA license has been expired for two years in the state of Virginia. I would like to know if I have to take the course again or just the exam.

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answered by Jennifer

As far as I know, if you were previously certified in Virginia as a nurse aide but your certification has expired, you only have to take the exam. You must also complete a reinstatement application and return it along with the required fee. In order to be eligible for reinstatement without also being required to retake the nurse aide competency test (skills and written) as specified by Board of Nursing Regulation 18 VAC 90-25-80.B, you must have performed nursing-related duties for pay during the two years preceding the expiration date of your Virginia certificate to practice as a certified nurse aide and within two years of the Board of Nursing receiving your application.

If you are unable to meet the specified work requirements, you must retest in order to verify your continued competency for reinstatement as specified in federal and state law and regulations. After the board receives and considers your application for reinstatement and fee, information will be sent to you in order to do so. If you retake the nurse aide competency test before you apply for reinstatement, you will be required to submit the reinstatement form and fee before your certificate will be reinstated. For additional help, you may contact the Virginia Board of Nursing at 804-367-4639.

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