Do I need to retake the class or just the test if my CNA license has expired?

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My Wyoming CNA license has expired for more than two years.

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answered by Vanessa

In Wyoming, a CNA shall demonstrate competency by completing one of the following in the past two years (waived during first renewal period if you were licensed by exam):

  • completed a board-approved nursing assistant training and competency evaluation program AND passed a national nursing assistant certifying examination within the last two years; or
  • four hundred (400) hours of employment in the practice of nursing; or
  • two hundred (200) hours of employment in the practice of nursing AND fifteen (15) hours of education that provide learning activities related to nursing practice; or
  • thirty (30) hours of education that provides learning activities related to nursing practice.

The recertification application for Wyoming CNAs with lapsed certifications due to non-renewal or otherwise is available here. A CNA who is unable to meet competency shall be required to repeat the training and competency evaluation. You may contact the Wyoming Board of Nursing office at 307-777-7601 for additional information.

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