If I'm certified in Michigan, do I need to retake the CNA class or can I just take the test in North Carolina?

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Reciprocity, when used in reference to a Nurse Aide I or a Medication Aide, refers to accepting and adding an aide to the registry of one state, based on the aide's registry listing and requirements met in another state. North Carolina does not accept reciprocity from other states for Nurse Aide I or Medication Aide Registry listing, therefore, individuals certified in another state, who are listed in good standing on that state's registry, may not "transfer" their license to North Carolina. You need to take and pass the CNA exam in North Carolina to obtain certification in this state. Completion of a state-approved Nurse Aide I training program is only required if an individual fails three consecutive competency evaluation attempts.

In order to be listed on the North Carolina Nurse Aide I Registry, all individuals must complete, at minimum, a state‐approved, 75‐hour basic nurse aide course and pass the Nurse Aide I Competency Exam. In specific circumstances, some individuals may apply to take the exam without additional training. These individuals include:

  • nurse aides currently listed on any state’s registry in an unexpired status and in good standing,
  • individuals who have completed state‐approved nurse aide training in a state outside of North Carolina within the last 24 months,
  • nurses with unencumbered, out‐of‐state licenses,
  • individuals holding a college degree in nursing, currently enrolled in a nursing program in a state outside of North Carolina, or who have previously been enrolled in a nursing program but who are not currently licensed,
  • EMT professionals with current, unencumbered credentials, and
  • military veterans who received nursing or medical training credentials while in service.

Only individuals belonging to one or more of the categories listed above may submit the training waiver application. Read the instructions carefully and complete the form in its entirety. To verify this information and for additional guidance you may contact the Health Care Personnel Education and Credentialing Section at 919-855-3969.

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