What's the fastest way to reactivate my CNA license in California after a year of it lapsing?

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asked in License by Jamir

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answered by Velma Lewis

If you are unable to meet renewal requirements and your certificate has not been expired for more than two years, you may reactivate the certificate by taking the Competency Evaluation. To apply for reactivation, you should submit a completed renewal application (CDPH 283 C), making sure to check the “yes” box for question number six in section VI. If approved, a Competency Evaluation approval letter will be sent to you, along with information needed to schedule the evaluation. You must successfully pass the evaluation within two years from your certificate’s expiration date. Once you have successfully passed the evaluation, maintained criminal record clearance, and the results from the testing vendor have been received, CDPH will issue a current CNA certificate.

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