Are there any free or employer paid CNA classes in Philadelphia?

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answered by Patricia
Free CNA training is provided, in general, by licensed nursing homes. You can search this site for state-approved training facilities and choose nursing homes which are close to where you live. Contact them by phone or stop by their facility and inquire about upcoming nurse aide training classes. They will let you know if there are any upcoming classes scheduled, what you need to enroll, how long the program is, and other relevant information.

Long-term care nursing facilities are responsible for the full payment of training and testing cost if your are employed or offered employment as a nurse aide at the time you enter a nurse aide training and competency evaluation program. Federal law prohibits these charges from being imposed on you.

If you are not employed with a long-term care facility at the time you are accepted into a nurse aide training and competency evaluation program, but become employed or receive an offer of employment within 12 months of completing the program, you will be reimbursed by the long-term care facility that employs you.

Reimbursement is made on a pro rated basis. You will be reimbursed for half the cost of training and testing after you have worked at the long-term care facility for 130 hours and the remaining half of the training and testing cost after you have worked an additional 130 hours. You must provide written documentation to the long-term care facility to support your request for payment.