Are there any classes you can take for free in Pierce County, Washington?

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Are there any CNA courses you can take for free or get financial aid for in Pierce County, Washington?

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answered by Mila V.
Free CNA training programs in Washington State are sometimes offered by licensed long-term care facilities and hospitals. The only way to find out if and when a facility does offer free classes is by contacting them. Unlike community colleges or private schools who keep a regular course schedule, nursing homes may only offer classes when there is a need for additional certified nursing assistants at their facilities.

There are approximately ten different long-term care facilities listed on this site, qualified to train certified nursing assistants in Pierce County. It is a good idea to first contact the ones close to where you live and inquire about nurse aide training.

Community colleges and technical schools rarely offer financial aid for nursing assistant students. Grants are sometimes available to those who have lost their employment, are looking to retrain, and have limited annual incomes. Speak with a financial aid representative or CNA program coordinator prior to enrolling in a program at a two-year college. This is the best way to find out if you qualify for any financial assistance.