Am I a CNA or an STNA?

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asked in Registry by Kelly W.
I contacted you a few months back when my daughter and I were having trouble getting my CNA switched from Kansas to Ohio. We are now both on the Ohio registry and I was told today that I'm only considered a CNA not an STNA which is what she tells me Ohio requires for higher pay. I read here that if I was state tested in Kansas and Ohio accepted my certification that I am an STNA now. I'm confused as the jobs here for just CNAs are very low wages. This lady said I would have to pay to go back to CNA school again and take the state test to be considered an STNA. Any information you can provide I would greatly appreciate. Thank you for your time.

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answered by Adriana

As far as I know, you are an STNA now. Once you obtain certification by reciprocity in Ohio you become a state registered nurse aide. Certain states refer to nurse aides as "state registered" others as "certified". I do not think you need to complete any further training. If your name appears on the Registry you are a state registered nurse aide. You can contact the Registry at (800) 582-5908 and speak with a representative to confirm this information. You can also verify your status on the Ohio Nurse Aide Registry online.

commented by Kelly W.
I called the number you gave me and they verified that once you are transferred to their registry we are now considered STNA and need no further training. I was told by a lady who wanted to hire me that CNAs in Ohio are the ones who didn't pass the state exam. I'm not sure how true that is because it doesn't make sense to me. I do know that I only applied to jobs looking for CNAs because I didn't know the difference but there are job listings for CNA and STNA on the job sites. Thank you so much!