How do I renew my STNA license in Ohio?

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answered by Joann M.

Your employer should submit a letter on your behalf with the information listed below, to update your status on the registry.

  1. Letterhead / Aide’s name
  2. Registry number or Social Security number
  3. Date of hire
  4. Last date worked and how many hours you worked that day. An 8 hour shift or 8 in 48 is needed to be updated in the registry.
  5. Job title
  6. Job duties with personal care
  7. Signed by an appropriate representative ( ie. Administrator or HR)
  8. If you are working in a hospital setting they will need to know what floor you are working on.

If the facility you are working for or worked for is Medicare certified an administrator can sign the letter, if they are not Medicare certified then the letter has to be signed by a Registered Nurse or LPN. Email the registry at or call them at 800-582-5908 if you have any further questions.