How do I renew my CNA license in Kansas?

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Kansas facilities, adult care home, home health agencies, hospitals or staffing agencies may access the Kansas Nurse Aide Registry to obtain criminal record check results and submit annual employment verification lists of employees. If an aide does not work at least eight hours in a two year period their certificate goes inactive. Once the certificate goes inactive the aide is not eligible to work. If a nurse aide has worked within the two year period but their status is showing inactive they will need to have their employer fill out the employment verification form.

A nurse aide may take a two day refresher course through a community college, or have an RN in a long term care facility or hospital, administer a checklist if they do not meet the work requirement and their status is inactive. The checklist consists of 18 skills and is administered by a RN to determine if the aides skills are satisfactory. The RN has to contact Health Occupations Credentialing at 785-296-6877 for the form. The form is not sent to the aide and the aide is not given a copy of the checklist once it is done. The RN is not required to be an instructor. The checklist is to be done one-on-one with the RN and the checklist cannot be done in conjunction with a nurse aide course.

Nurse aides are not eligible to work until back and active on the Kansas nurse aide registry. You can check your registry status and certification expiration date here. For additional information or guidance you may contact the Kansas Nurse Aide Registry Program at 785-296-6958.