How do I turn a CNA in for drug addiction?

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asked in Work by Shantell R.
I know of a person who is renewing their CNA license in Pennsylvania and is a drug addict as well. How can I turn this person in and to whom? This is certainly not someone I would want in this sort of profession!

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answered by Sandra Page
If this is a co-worker or you know where the person is employed, and drug use affects their ability to do the job safely, alert his or her supervisor to the fact that you are aware of an employee who is under the influence of drugs during work. Let the manager or supervisor know if you prefer to remain anonymous.

For some employees, the mere fact that their supervisor talks to them about their poor work performance is enough to help them change. Many drug abusers will seek help for their problem if they believe their job is at stake, even though they have ignored such pleas from other people important in their life. Avoid confronting them on your own and do not discuss suspicions with colleagues. Doing so will only create the potential for danger and the spreading of rumors.

Pennsylvania Department of Health regulations require nursing facilities to report all allegations of abuse, neglect or misappropriation of resident property. If the abuse involves a nurse aide listed on the Nurse Aide Registry, the field office would conduct a review and forward the information to the Central Office of the Division of Nursing Care Facilities.

You can contact the Pennsylvania Nurse Aide Registry at 717-787-1816 or at 800-852-0518. If sufficient evidence exists to support that abuse occurred, the information would be forwarded to the Department of Health, Nurse Aide Registry Abuse Committee for further action. If a determination is made that the nurse aide is guilty of abuse, a notation is made on the individual's file on the Nurse Aide Registry. This prohibits future employment by that person in a nursing home.