Can I be reimbursed for my CNA course?

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asked in Work by Kim
I worked for a skilled nursing facility for about two months before transitioning to another facility. I never received any reimbursement for my CNA course from the first facility. I would like to know if I am eligible for reimbursement from the second facility or if I waived my right to reimbursement when I switched facilities.

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answered by Jennifer
Federal law prohibits these charges from being imposed on the nurse aide. I am sure that you still qualify for reimbursement even though you switched employers, however it is not easy to determine which employer is responsible and for what percentage. The reimbursement is to be made on a pro rata basis for the period during which an individual is employed as a nurse aide.

The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services has authority over reimbursement for nurse aide training and testing. Call the Department of Human Services at 717-772-2570 to obtain information and assistance regarding federal regulations for reimbursement from nursing facilities to employed nurse aides and acquire help with any discrepancies in eligibility for reimbursement.