Can I still renew my PA CNA certification if it expired?

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asked in Registry by Jamie L.
I transferred my Pennsylvania CNA certification to the Ohio Nurse Aide Registry. I would like to renew my license in Pennsylvania, which expired recently, just in case I want to move back there.

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answered by Erin F.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health mails renewal notifications approximately 90 days prior to expiration. It is important that your correct current address is always listed on the nurse aide registry to ensure receipt of documentation regarding your certification and continued enrollment on the registry.

To be eligible for continued enrollment, you are required to work as a nurse aide at least one documented day (8 consecutive hours) for pay in an approved facility such as a nursing home, personal care home, hospital, home health setting or intermediate care facility, in the 24 months before your registration expiration date.

The Pennsylvania Continued Enrollment Application for CNAs can be found here. You do not qualify for continued enrollment on the registry if you did not work and self-employment, private-duty, or employment in doctors' offices are not acceptable forms of work experience for continued enrollment. In this case, you may call Pearson VUE at 800-852-0518 to request an application to re-test.

After your application is received, if you have provided nurse aide services for at least eight (8) hours for pay during the twenty-four (24) months before your registration expiration date, it will be approved, your record will be updated and you will be mailed a new Notice of Enrollment on the Nurse Aide Registry. If you do not qualify for continued enrollment, you will be mailed a denial letter, a candidate handbook, and an application to re-test in order to maintain your enrollment on the registry.