Can I renew my Texas CNA license if it expired?

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My Texas CNA license expired on August 14, 2016. I have taken care of my mother in law for over two years. I have just found out that I can be paid to take care of my mother in law and Interim hospice has agreed to hire me. I need to get my license renewed so I can do this. I was in nursing school August 2014 thru October 2014. My father in law passed away and I had to start taking care of my mother in law. I take care of her 24 hours a day and I live in her home. Let me know what I need to do to renew my license. I can get a letter from my mother in laws doctor if that will help prove I have been doing CNA work.
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I would like to know if I have to take the skills and written exam in order to recertify if my license is expired in Texas.

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answered by Melissa Anderson

You must provide verification of qualifying employment in order to renew registry status if your nurse aide's registration is expired. As long as your registry status is listed as expired you are not employable as a nurse aide in a licensed nursing facility in the state of Texas.

Your nurse aide registration expires twenty-four months after being added to the nurse aide registry or after your last date of verified employment. In order to maintain your registration, you must submit an online employment verification form, which will document that you have performed paid nursing or nursing-related services and completed 24 hours of in-service education.

If you have performed nursing or nursing related duties in a health care setting during the twenty-four months and completed 24 hours of in-service education since registration or renewal, you do not need to re-test. Call the Texas Nurse Aide Registry at 512-438-2050 or have your employer complete the employment verification form and submit it to the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services.

If you have not worked as a nurse aide in a nursing facility or health care setting for 24 consecutive months or more, and completed 24 hours of in-service education, you must retake the Texas Nurse Aide Skills Examination and the NNAAP Written Examination. Call the Texas Nurse Aide Registry or complete the Request to Retest for Nurse Aides in Expired Status - NAR-5528 form and submit it to DADS for authorization to re-test.