How long can I wait to take the skills part of the exam?

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asked in Certification by Zoe
I completed the CNA class in North Carolina about two years ago. I passed the written part but not the skills part. I was wondering if there was a time frame on the amount of time you can wait before taking the skills exam again without having to redo classes.

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answered by Velma Lewis
All applicants who have successfully completed a North Carolina state-approved Nurse Aide I training program must pass both parts of the CNA exam within two (2) years from the completion date of the training program or within three (3) attempts, whichever comes first, in order to be placed on the North Carolina Nurse Aide I Registry. Failure to do so will require training at a North Carolina state-approved training program and retesting of both portions of the examination. If you have not completed testing or passed both portions of the examination within two (2) years of completion of training and you change your eligibility route, you must take both parts of the examination.