Do I have to retrain if I failed the skills part of the exam?

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asked in Certification by Jamie B.
I completed a CNA program in Georgia about two years ago and I passed the written portion but not the skills portion of the exam. Can I take the skills exam again without having to redo the classes or is it too late?

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answered by Velma Lewis

In order to be placed on the Georgia Nurse Aide Registry candidates must pass both portions of the CNA examination within one (1) year from the completion date of a training program or within three (3) test attempts, whichever comes first. Candidates must submit a completed application to NACES (866-956-2237) before the one-year training expiration date in order to be scheduled for the skills and written/oral competency examination. If the candidate’s exam is scheduled past the one-year expiration date, he or she will be allowed to reschedule one time and the new examination date must be scheduled within one month of the original date. If the testing application is received after the one-year training expiration date, the candidate must retrain, re-register and provide a new training completion date.