How long do I have to retake the skills assessment if I failed it the first time?

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asked in Certification by Rachelle
I have already passed the written exam but not the skills assessment.

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answered by Abby Langlois

If you did not pass a test, you must complete another application in order to retest. You have up to three attempts to pass both the clinical skills test and the written test during your eligibility period. Candidates testing under option 1 (completed an Arkansas-approved nursing assistant training program within the last 12 months and have previously never been certified as an Arkansas CNA) are eligible to test for one year after their training completion date. Candidates testing under options 2 through 8 are eligible to test for one year from the date their eligibility was approved. Candidates who fail to successfully complete testing during their eligibility period must reapply for eligibility to retest.

If you will be retesting at a regional test site, send the application to Prometric along with the appropriate test fees. If you will retest at your nursing home or training program, give the application to the person who scheduled your initial test so they can schedule your retest. You may contact Prometric by phone at 800-818-8917 for additional guidance.