Does training count for license renewal in Wisconsin?

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asked in License by Julie
I’m training with someone for a new job as a CNA. Does that count as my 8 hours needed to keep my license? My state is Wisconsin, I've been a CNA for 5 years and my license expires in July. I'm not sure if I will be done with my 1 on 1 training in time.

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answered by Abby Langlois

In order to maintain eligibility to work in a federally certified nursing home, intermediate care facility for persons with mental retardation, home health agency or hospice, federal regulations require a nurse aide to:

  • work at least eight (8) hours in a 24-month period,
  • in a paid position providing hands-on care, and
  • under the supervision of an RN or LPN.

Your registry status reflects your 24-month eligibility period to work in these federally certified facilities. The 24-month period is initially based on your competency test date. DHS changed the previous policy of extending employment eligibility 24 months from the last reported employment. A new eligibility period is created every 24 months.

If you have not worked as a nurse aide under the supervision of a RN or LPN, for more than 24 months, you are not eligible to work in federally certified:

  • hospices,
  • home health agencies,
  • intermediate care facilities for persons with mental retardation, or
  • nursing homes.

To regain eligibility to work in these federally certified facilities, you must retake and successfully pass a competency test, however, you may continue to work in:

  • facilities that are not certified as Medicaid providers, including nursing homes, nursing homes that serve the developmentally disabled, home health agencies, or hospices, and
  • hospitals, including critical access hospitals.

You may call the Wisconsin CNA registry toll-free at 877-329-8760 to verify this information or to get answers to other questions you may have.