Is work for an unlicensed home care provider counted for renewal in Wisconsin?

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asked in Registry by Edna B.
We have a former CNA contacting us to verify that she has worked for our facility within the last two years to keep her CNA certification current. However, when she worked for us, she worked for our home care division which is an unlicensed home care provider (not a licensed home health). Would these hours she worked for this division count towards her CNA certification?

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answered by Shannon D.

Section II of the Renewal Form is the part which needs to be completed by the employer and it contains a list of facilities where a CNA may work to qualify for certification renewal. To be eligible for renewal, the CNA may be employed at one of the following types of health care facilities: clinics, community-based residential facilities, emergency centers, home health agencies (it is not specified if the facility has to be licensed), hospice, hospitals, intermediate care facilities for persons with mental retardation, nursing homes, and county or school nurse. The nurse aide needs to work for pay, for a minimum of eight hours during the twenty-four months before their registration expiration date, under the supervision of a registered nurse or a licensed practical nurse. You may contact the Wisconsin Office of Caregiver Quality at (608) 261-8319 for a definitive answer to your question.