What employer papers show employment of an aide in Texas?

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answered by Cynthia Meeker

You need the Texas Nurse Aide Registry employment verification form. Download the form to your computer and open it with the recommended software if you only get a “Please wait... ” message when trying to view the document. Before completing this form, you are required to register in the new online system called "Credential Manager" in order to get the required identification number.

You must complete all information in Section 1 and sign to verify that the information provided is correct. A legible photocopy of a picture identification that shows your birth date and the correct spelling of your name should be included with your application.

To obtain employer verification, Section 2 must be completed by the facility program director, official keeper of records or your actual employer. The employment verification form should be notarized and signed by your employer and returned to you.

The completed form needs to be mailed to the address indicated in the document. The Texas Nurse Aide Registry will return incomplete requests and requests without the required documents. You may contact the Texas Nurse Aide Registry at 512-438-2050 for additional guidance.

In-service education requirements are subject to audit. Be prepared to submit in-service certificates if contacted by DADS. Tampering with or attempting to falsify a government record as such a nurse aide certificate is a third-degree felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.