Is there an online test I can take to renew my CNA license in Oregon?

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asked in License by Sandra L. Schmitt
I was a certified CNA in Wisconsin since 02-12-1991. I am no longer certified. I had to move to Oregon and would like to renew my certification. What can I do?

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answered by Jennifer Adams

CNAs may not work in Oregon using a CNA certificate from another state. If your certification is expired or you do not meet the practice requirement as described below, you are not eligible for Oregon CNA certification by endorsement at this time and you should contact the Oregon State Board of Nursing at 971-673-0685 for more information regarding approved Oregon training programs and passing the Oregon CNA competency examination to be eligible for state certification.

Generally, you are eligible for endorsement if you are currently or formerly certified in good standing in a U.S. state or territory, provided you are otherwise qualified. Specifically, you must meet the education, work history and legal requirements specified by the Oregon State Board of Nursing. The process of obtaining a nursing assistant certificate in Oregon when you are, or have been, previously certified in another U.S. state or territory requires all of the following:

  1. You must have completed a nursing assistant training program that met OBRA standards and you will need to provide a copy of your certificate of completion.
  2. You must have at least 400 hours of paid employment as a Certified Nursing Assistant in that state in the last two years unless you have been certified for less than two years.
  3. Your paid employment as a CNA was under the supervision of a nurse.
  4. You must complete a national criminal background check.

Additionally, all sections of the endorsement application must be completed before certification can be granted. In addition to the general application, you need to provide training and certification verification.

All applicants for CNA certification by endorsement must show proof of completion of a nursing assistant level-one training program that meets standards set by the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1987 (OBRA). You are required to submit proof of completion of a training program in one of the following ways:

  • A certificate of completion that includes: your name, number of clinical hours, name of training program, signature of the program director or primary instructor, number of classroom hours and date of completion.
  • A letter from the facility where the training was completed, on letterhead, indicating the date the program was completed, and the number of classroom and clinical hours.
  • Information received from the applicable state regulatory agency that issued your CNA certification attesting to your completion of an approved training program.

Oregon requires written verification from the state in which you are currently, or most recently, certified. You should call the state where you are currently certified to determine whether your certification is current or expired and inquire about the fee for written verification of your certification. Most states charge a fee for written verification. If your certification is expired, you are not eligible for the endorsement process. If your certification is active, mail the verification form and required fee to the state where you are currently certified. The state in which you are certified will return the completed form directly to Oregon State Board of Nursing. California certificate holders should mail the blank verification form along with the endorsement application to the Oregon State Board of Nursing.

Findings of abuse, neglect, misappropriation or discipline against you in another state may hinder your ability to obtain an Oregon CNA certificate or limit employment opportunities in Oregon. Including false or misleading information on your application may result in denial of certification, disciplinary action, or a civil penalty ranging from $100 to $5,000.