Is there a grace period for a CNA certification that expires today?

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I would also like to know how soon can the employee return to work if an extension is or is not granted.

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answered by Joann M.

Renewal and update of your listing on the New Jersey CNA registry is required every two years. To be recertified, you must have:

  1. A current, valid nurse aide or personal care assistant certificate.
  2. At least seven hours of paid employment performing nursing or nursing-related services, in a licensed health care facility or agency, within the 24 months preceding your certificate expiration date.
  3. No revocation or suspension of a certificate.
  4. A criminal background check, with fingerprinting, prior to the certification expiration date.

Some states have a grace period but as far as I know New Jersey does not. In New Jersey, the certification must be renewed prior to the expiration date listed on the card, otherwise, the certification is immediately expired and no longer valid for employment purposes.

In the past, when individuals in a similar situation called the State they were told that the employer has to submit a request for extension of renewal but I don’t know what the current policy is and if this is still allowed. Since technically the certification is still valid, you should call the New Jersey Nurse Aide Registry, PSI at 877-774-4243 as soon as possible in order to get an official answer to your question.