How can I get a new license if I lost the old one?

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asked in Registry by Janet N.
I tried to renew my MA Certified Nurse's Aide license two years ago, but I may not have received it as I was in the process of moving to another address, and if I did receive it, then I misplaced it. I currently have an expired license which has prevented me from being hired by some companies. I would like to know how to get a new license and if there is a fee to be paid.

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answered by Joann M.

If your license is active and in good standing on the Massachusetts CNA Registry but you lost or misplaced your certification and would like to request a duplicate certificate please download this document and follow the instructions.

You can check your status on the registry here. If you didn’t work within your registry period and your license is not active, you are not eligible to renew your certification through employment. In this case, you must retake both the knowledge and clinical tests in order to become active again on the Massachusetts Nurse Aide Registry.