Where can I find my original certification number?

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asked in Registry by Alisa L. W.
I moved out of state and my CNA certification was out dated in California where it originated from. I then took a re-certification class in Louisiana and got a CNA certificate there. I now reside in Greensboro, NC where they require my original certification number.  I got it in the year 1983-1984 In Southern California from Casa Loma College in Lakeview Terrrace which is now located in Van Nuys California. I would like to know where to find my original certification registry number for California.

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answered by Martha Brooks

You should contact the California Aide and Technician Certification Section using this form or by phone at 916-327-2445 and ask if they have a record of your certification. You were also likely to have provided your original certification number to the Louisiana CNA registry when you applied there so you may want to contact them as well at 225-342-0138.