Will there be a higher demand for nursing aides in the future?

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I think jobs will be easily available in the future since there is no danger from outsourcing yet (there were/are some visa programs to bring nurses from other countries here but I haven't heard anything like that for CNAs). Also, there is high turnover for these jobs and according to the U.S. Department of Labor, modern medical technology will drive demand for nursing assistants, because as the technology saves and extends more lives, it increases the need for long-term care provided by aides. However, employment growth is not expected to be as fast as for other healthcare support occupations, largely because nursing assistants are concentrated in the relatively slower growing nursing and residential care facilities industry sector. In addition, growth will be hindered by nursing facilities’ reliance on government funding, which does not increase as fast as the cost of patient care. Government funding limits the number of CNAs nursing facilities can afford to have on staff.