Is my current job as a private caregiver enough to become certified again?

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asked in License by Katherine C.
I was certified as a CNA years ago in Wisconsin and I am still listed on the registry but the certificate has expired. Since the expiration date, I have either continued working in the medical field or was in school for Certified Medical Assistant, and Radiography. I am currently working in private care and have been for almost 3 years now, doing CNA-HHA-PCW work. I would like to know if this is enough to recertify provided that I get the agency RN to verify my work hours.

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answered by Mariah

To maintain eligibility for continued employment, you are required to work, either in the state of Wisconsin or in another state, for pay as a nurse aide in a health care setting such as a nursing home, hospital, or home health agency for at least 8 hours during the previous twenty-four 24 months. This work must be completed under supervision of a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse. Self-employment or private-duty experience is not recognized as work experience for continued enrollment.

The renewal rules state that if you have worked as a nurse aide without a break of 24 months or more, you will need to submit a completed renewal form, signed by your employer, to report your employment history for each renewal period you missed. In this case, when the renewal form is processed, the Nurse Aide Registry will be updated to reflect your eligibility to work in federally certified facilities.

If you have not worked as a nurse aide under the supervision of a RN or LPN, for pay, for more than 24 months, you are not eligible to work in federally certified:

  • nursing homes,
  • intermediate care facilities for individuals with intellectual disabilities,
  • home health agencies, or
  • hospices.

To regain eligibility to work in these federally certified facilities, you must retake and successfully pass the both parts of the NNAAP Examination.

You may continue to work in:

  • hospitals, including critical access hospitals and
  • facilities that are not certified as Medicaid providers, including nursing homes, nursing homes that serve the developmentally disabled, home health agencies, or hospices.

For additional information and guidance please contact the Wisconsin Nurse Aide Registry at 877-329-8760.