Are there accelerated CNA courses in Georgia?

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asked in Training by Michelle
I was certified in Massachusetts but let it lapse for more than 3 years. I have moved to Georgia and would like to get re-certified. Is there an accelerated course I could take instead of re-taking the 85-hour course?

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answered by Jennifer
As far as I know, you have to complete the same training program as a new nurse aide if your license is expired for more than three years. You would have to do this even if you were certified in Georgia. The rules state that if lapsed under three years without work verification, you must retake and pass the state written/oral and skills competency examination to update your certification. If lapsed over three years, then you must complete another state approved nurse aide training program and pass the state written/oral and skills competency examination. To verify this information you may call the GA nurse aide registry at 678-527-3010 or 800-414-4358.