How can I renew my lapsed CNA certification?

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asked in License by Kathleen Becker
I got my certification in 1994 and it lapsed in 2005.

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answered by Vanessa

There are no expiration dates on CT nurse's aide certificates but the CNA certification period is for 24 months and the nurse's aide must recertify every two years. In order to recertify, nurse aides must have worked a least one 8-hour shift of paid employment every two years since their original issue date and have the employer complete the required form. The form may be faxed to CT Nurse Aide Registry at 860-707-1983 or it can be mailed to the address at the bottom of the form. Renewals will be effective two years from the last date of verified employment.

If your nurse's aide certification status has become lapsed and you have not worked as a nurse's aide or in a position where you provided direct personal care in a period longer than 24 months following your most recent certification, you are required to retake and pass both the skills and written sections of the Connecticut nurse aide competency exam. Once you pass the state nurse's aide exam, your certification will be renewed. You can contact Prometric at 866-499-7485 to submit an application and schedule your state exam.

If your nurse's aide certification status has become expired and you have been working as a CNA or in a position where you have provided direct personal care, but you failed to submit your employment verification, you may submit your employment verification forms to the Department of Public Health and your certification will be renewed.