How long does my certification last?

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asked in License by Delorean D.
I got my Illinois CNA certification more than three years ago, but I have yet to be employed as a nursing assistant.

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answered by anonymous
Once you complete the training and pass the competency evaluation, the Illinois Nurse Aide Registry lists you as having active status as a certified nursing assistant - unlike other states, the state of Illinois does not issue actual certificates to those who complete nurse aide training programs. To keep the active status and your credentials, you must work for pay as a nursing assistant. If you don't work as a CNA for more than two years, then you lose your certified nurse aide status. In your particular situation there have been more than three years since you passed the competency evaluation and have not worked for pay as a certified nurse aide. According to the rules of the Illinois Registry, your CNA certification is not currently valid. If you wish to recertify then you must challenge and pass the Illinois state exam.