Can I work with a license from another state?

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If I am licensed as a C.N.A. in Montana and looking for the same work in Kansas, can I work until I get my license for that state?

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First of all, you must be listed as current or active on the other state's registry to be eligible to sit for the Kansas nurse aide test. If that is the case, and you are looking to work as a nurse aide in Kansas you need to complete the interstate application form and send it along with all the other required documents to Health Occupations Credentialing, Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services. Once the department receives all the documents it will schedule you for challenging the Kansas CNA exam and you will obtain a so-called "Approval to Test Notice". This notice allows you to work in any nursing facility as a nurse aide trainee for a period of four months only. You need to challenge and pass the state nurse aide exam to be eligible to work as a CNA after the four month period expires. The interstate application form contains instructions that need to be followed closely. Make sure to include copies of all the documents they ask for and the required fee.