How can I have a finding of neglect removed from the MS registry?

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If your nurse aide certification has been revoked due to one finding of neglect you may file a petition for removal of the finding from the Mississippi Nurse Aide Registry. The purpose of the petition is to give nurse aides an opportunity to request that a single entry of neglect placed on the nurse aide registry listing after January 1, 1995 be removed from the registry. The request can not be made until a minimum of 12 months have passed from the date the finding of neglect was added to the name of the CNA on the registry.

You must have no additional findings of neglect during that time, must submit a completed petition, submit to a criminal history background check and challenge the NNAAP examination in order to become active on the registry. If a new finding of neglect is placed on your registry listing after the original finding of neglect has been removed, the new finding will remain on the registry with no opportunity to petition for removal. Step-by-step instructions on how to proceed with this process can be found here.

If you fail either part of the examination, the petition for removal of neglect will not be reviewed, and consideration of the removal of the finding of neglect from the registry will be denied. You will be permitted a second opportunity to challenge the exam as a part of the petition to have this finding removed after the finding has remained on the registry one year from the date of unsuccessful exam results. If you fail to successfully complete the examination the second time, there will be no additional opportunities to challenge the examination and no appeal will be permitted.