Can you just take the test in NJ if you have previous work experience?

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asked in Certification by James
My girlfriend is already a caregiver who has worked at a facility for over 2 years, is it possible for her to take the CNA test instead of enrolling in a class or must she enroll beforehand? She meets the requirements of a CNA already, and does the job as if she really is, all she wants is to be certified. She will be moving to New Jersey from Oregon. Please, could you help me by providing all the information necessary to help her gain her CNA certification?

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answered by Carmen
The state of New Jersey requires the completion of a state approved CNA training program and competency evaluation in order to become a certified nursing assistant. Your girlfriend must enroll and complete a New Jersey approved nurse aide training course consisting of a minimum of ninety (90) hours of theory and clinical practice. Once the training is complete she needs to challenge and pass the CNA exam in order to become certified in this state.

Other states allow candidates to just challenge the CNA exam without proof of training (an example is Florida), but not New Jersey. Training courses are offered by nursing homes, vocational schools, and community colleges. Nursing homes are known to offer free CNA training or sponsorship, especially if they need additional staff. I strongly suggest that you call the NJ nurse aide registry and ask them if there is any way that her previous training can be used as a substitute for a CNA program although I don't think it is possible.

Please note that the State of New Jersey does not require nurse aides to be certified to work in an acute care hospital unless the hospital has a licensed long term care unit or a licensed sub-acute unit in which case Certified Nurse Aides must staff those units.