What are the CNA renewal requirements for North Dakota?

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In North Dakota, you are eligible to renew your nurse aide certification if you are performing nursing or nursing related services for pay. If you are now unemployed but have performed nursing or nursing related services for pay in North Dakota during the time you were certified as a CNA, you are also eligible to renew your nurse aide certification.

You should receive a post card approximately 60 days before your CNA certification expires, which will give you instructions on how to renew online. This is the only notification you will receive. Name and address changes are your responsibility and must be kept current on the registry.

If you have taken and passed both the written and skills CNA tests and this is your first certification renewal, your expiration date is two years from your test date. If you endorse into North Dakota after working as a CNA in another state, your first expiration date will be two years from your date of endorsement.

In order to renew your certification, you must have worked a total of 8 hours in North Dakota performing nursing or nursing related services within a continuous 24 month period, for pay, under the supervision of a licensed nurse. The time can be broken down into two 4 hour blocks, or four 2 hour blocks and so on. If you were employed within your certification period and not currently employed, you should use your past employer information.

You must have a North Dakota employer. Orientation does not count toward your renewal time. You must have worked independently after completing your orientation. Your expiration date will change with each renewal. Expiration dates are based on the last date worked, as verified by your employer, at the time of renewal. If you renew your certification online yourself, your employer will be contacted to verify the information that you provide. There is no charge for your CNA renewal in North Dakota and the registry no longer sends ID cards when you renew your license but you can print a paper card anytime from here.

A certified nurse aide who has not performed at least eight hours of nursing or nursing related services for pay for a period of 24 consecutive months is ineligible for renewal, and must complete a new competency evaluation program to obtain a current registration in North Dakota.