Where can I find a cheap training course in Indiana?

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asked in Training by B. L.
I am a single mother with two kids and I am having a hard time finding a job, so I'd like to become a CNA. The Central Nine Career Center in Greenwood, Indiana has classes that start in October. I am not currently in school so do you know of any classes start sooner or are more affordable? I don't want to wait until October. I want to start taking classes ASAP.

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answered by Karen Peters
You should locate all long-term care facilities in your area which are listed as providers of CNA training classes. I would contact them by phone or stop by their location and ask if they need to hire certified nurse assistants or if they have a training program. Some will train you for free, pay for the expenses associated with the certification exam, and offer you employment upon graduation. You can also look for other training programs in your area on this site.