Do I still have to retest if my Wisconsin CNA certification just lapsed?

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asked in License by Judy M.
I was caring for my disabled 30 year old son all this time. He just recently was able to enter a group home. I worked for Home Care Select and kept my hours until things changed to Family Care Alliance. It has been over two years since I worked in a facility but I've been doing cares for two different agencies (Homeward Bound, and HomeCare Select) during this whole time. I have been caring for my adult son and being paid for his care since he turned 18, he is now 30.

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answered by Edith N.

According to information from the Wisconsin CNA Registry, if you worked under the supervision of a RN or LPN in the 24 months before your registration expired (which you said you did) then you might be able to renew your lapsed certification. You must submit a completed renewal form, signed by your employer, to report your employment history.

When the renewal form is processed, the nurse aide registry will be updated to reflect your eligibility to work in federally certified facilities. You can contact the Wisconsin Nurse Aide Registry at 877-329-8760 to verify this information. A representative will let you know if you can renew your certification or if you need to retake the CNA exam in order to reactivate your status on the registry.