Can I still work as a CNA in Wisconsin if my renewal form was not received by the registry?

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asked in Registry by Jane D.
My completed renewal form was not received by the registry, therefore my certification displays as expired. I contacted the registry and relayed this information, as well as the fact that I've been working in that capacity in a hospital for several years, including during the period after the registry lists my certification as expired. The error was detected just last week. They sent me a new form to complete and have my manager sign. I sent the completed form to them and am told it may take 2 - 3 weeks for the registry to be updated. Can I still work while this is being processed?

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answered by Connie T.

If your employment eligibility has expired but you have worked as a nurse aide without a break of 24 months or more, you need to submit a completed renewal form, signed by your employer, to report your employment history. When the renewal form is processed, the Wisconsin Nurse Aide Registry will be updated to reflect your eligibility to work in federally certified facilities.

Even though your record on the registry has not been updated yet, a federally certified health care facility may continue to employ you as a nurse aide if they have verified you worked at least eight (8) hours in the past 24 month period, in a paid position providing hands-on care, under the supervision of an RN or LPN. You should keep a copy of your completed renewal form in case you might need to prove that you are actually in the process of renewing your status on the registry.

Your registry status should be updated approximately ten working days after Pearson Vue receives the renewal form. To verify your employment eligibility you may call the registry staff toll-free at 877-329-8760 or check the online registry.