How may I transfer my CNA certification to Maryland?

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asked in Registry by Karen
I need to transfer my CNA license from California to Maryland.

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answered by Emily Fechtler

In order to transfer your CNA certification to Maryland from any other state you need to obtain the endorsement application by either contacting the Maryland CNA program at 410-585-2044, faxing a request for the application at 410-764-8042 or sending an e-mail request to . Please note that an endorsement application is completed only once and you need to complete a renewal application instead of an endorsement application if you have ever been certified as a CNA in Maryland.

All out-of-state individuals who wish to endorse their CNA certificate to Maryland must:

  • meet the Maryland Board of Nursing training program requirements,
  • have a CNA certificate that is active, current, and in good standing on another state‚Äôs nurse aide registry that meets the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (OBRA) requirement,
  • have a state certification free from any finding of neglect or abuse with the out-of-state registry.

The application will be returned to you if you do not meet all the requirements.

To prevent delays in transferring your certification you should follow the instructions that accompany the endorsement form and avoid common omissions in completing the application. Make sure to complete all data fields, answer all questions on the discipline component and provide court records explaining any findings, attach the passport photo, include the receipt verifying that your fingerprints have been taken to initiate the CHRC background check, sign the form, attach the facility check or money order, and include a copy of your current, active CNA registry certification card.

You should contact the Maryland Board of Nursing if you did not receive an answer within 45 days after mailing the application for transfer. In this case, make sure to have or include the following information:

  • your name and Social Security number,
  • the state you are attempting to transfer from,
  • date the application was mailed, and
  • the type of application such as endorsement or transfer application.

To be eligible for Maryland certification as a CNA if you are not on any other state registry, you must complete a 100 hour training program approved by the Maryland Board of Nursing.