What is the cost of transferring your license from Texas to Florida?

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answered by Martha Brooks

The only fee you are required to pay in order to transfer your CNA license to Florida is the background screening fee. The total fee charged by each service provider varies. Please contact them to obtain this information. For more information on background checks, as well as a list of Live Scan service provider options and contact information, visit the background screening page.

Here are the steps needed to transfer a CNA license to Florida from another state:

  • Submit a completed reciprocity application to the Florida Board of Nursing.

  • Schedule an electronic fingerprint appointment and print it. Florida Board of Nursing determines your eligibility based on the results of the background screening.

  • The Florida Board of Nursing will attempt to verify your license in the jurisdiction in which you currently hold a license. If the board office is unable to verify your license you will be sent a license verification form to be completed by the state where you are currently certified.

  • Once all materials are submitted, an application specialist reviews them and if necessary may request additional information. If you meet all the requirements, your name will be placed on the Florida CNA Registry.

You may only apply by reciprocity for a CNA certificate in Florida if you hold a valid and active CNA license in good standing with another state. The Florida state exam is not required.