How can I transfer my CNA license to Florida?

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asked in Registry by Lydie M.

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answered by Martha Brooks

Nursing assistants may transfer their CNA license to Florida from another state as long as the certificate is active and in good standing with the other state. If you have been verified as being actively certified and in good standing in another state it is not necessary to take the nurse aide test when requesting reciprocity, otherwise, you will be required to take the written and performance exams in order to be placed on Florida’s CNA Registry.

To apply by reciprocity for a CNA certificate in Florida, submit a completed Certified Nursing Assistant Reciprocity Application to the Board of Nursing. In an effort to eliminate mailing time and provide user convenience, the reciprocity application may also be completed and submitted online, on the Florida Department of Health website.

Every question on the application must be answered and the board may deny your request if you provide false information. Applications are reviewed in the order they are received and an incomplete application will delay final approval. All documents you submit become a permanent part of your file and will not be returned.

Background screening is required by Florida law for all CNA applications and all criminal offenses are reviewed prior to licensure or certification. Applicants for initial licensure are required to submit fingerprints via Livescan for a Level II background screening. If the result of the background check shows arrests, offenses, or incomplete dispositions, you will receive a notice from the board requesting additional information. Depending on the types and seriousness of the offenses, your application may be denied in which case you will receive an official document and will have the right to appeal the decision. Both felonies and misdemeanors may be disqualifying and each application is reviewed on its own merits. The Board of Nursing has created guidelines for specific offenses to be cleared, however the staff cannot make determinations in advance as laws and rules do change over time.

Once all materials are submitted, they are reviewed and the Board of Nursing will attempt to verify your certification in the jurisdiction in which you currently hold a license. If the board is unable to verify the certification you will receive a license verification form to be completed by the CNA registry in the state where you are currently certified. You must notify the board in writing of anything which changes or affects a response given in your application such as a change of name, address, telephone number, arrests or convictions, licensure status or disciplinary action in another state, or an incorrect answer to a question. Failure to do so could result in the delay of application processing or denial of your application.

Those who apply for certification by reciprocity will be placed on the Florida CNA Registry if the application is properly completed, the registry status is verified, the request to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) has no errors, and the background check result is clear. There are no refunds if the board does not approve your application. If you decide to withdraw your application, you must make the request in writing and the request must be received prior to the Board’ granting of licensure. Applicants with confirmed arrest or disciplinary histories cannot withdraw without permission of the board. You can reach the Florida Nursing Assistant Registry at 850-245-4125 should you need additional information or help with the reciprocity process.